The Colorful Lego: the History of Lego Blocks’ Color Expansion

According to a 2018 Lego study, “the vocabulary of bricks has increased significantly resulting in sets sharing fewer bricks.” Tracing the number of Lego bricks over time may be telling of the increasing specialization and complexity of Lego sets. Looking at the number of specialized pieces in relation to interchangeable pieces may also help us determine if increased specialization has resulted in fewer shareable bricks.

SVG Pattern Generator

This is a light weight SVG pattern generater, simply input the parameters or adjust the range input, and you will get a SVG pattern that generated with JavaScript, and offers a download function for further editing.

Website Redesign: Arts for All

This is a hypothetic project as part of my study at Pratt Insititute, which targetted at redesign the official website of a non-profit organization called Arts for All (AFA). It was the major assignment for Dr.Craig MacDonald’s Information Architecture and Interaction Design course.